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Our plastic pledge

At The Eco Christmas Tree Company we are passionate about the environment and the impact of the festive season. That’s why we strive to be plastic free. The only plastics we use are recycled PET and bio-degradable.

Our tree protection netting is Oxo bio-degradable plastic, meaning it doesn’t leave micro plastics when it degrades. We also reuse this many times to save this waste. We are always looking to improve our processes though and aim to be totally plastic free when a suitable product is available.

The only other plastics we use are from 100% recycled PET water bottles and natural products woven together for our pots. These are water bottles saved from landfill and the oceans around us – over 10,000 metric tonnes last year.

Our growing pouches are degradable and great for the health of the tree roots helping to keep a longer living, healthy Christmas trees for years to come. Eventually they will be retired to our field for the rest of their happy days and continue to produce some good ol’ oxygen for us!