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Here at The Eco Christmas Tree Company we’re looking to replant as many Christmas Trees as possible from 2020.

Each year between 7 and 8 million Christmas trees are discarded after the festive season, many left at local parks and recreation grounds to be collected by the council or taken to the local tip.

Left to rot in landfill these trees can emit up to 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year!

Recycling Christmas Trees into wood chippings and mulch is a good start in changing the way we dispose of them… but wouldn’t it be better to replant them to be used another year?

For 6ft Christmas tree with no roots, the carbon footprint is 16kg of CO2e if it ends up in landfill…this is because the decomposing of it emits methane which is 25 times more harmful as a greenhouse gas then Carbon Dioxide.  Buying a potted Christmas tree to replant can save up to 80 percent of its carbon footprint… and that’s what we aim to do here at The Eco Christmas Tree Company.

This year we’re asking as many of you as possible to consider donating your potted trees to us to replant for next year.  We will arrange collection of your tree on a suitable date after the festive season, free of charge.  This saves you the hassle of discarding at the park, pine needles in your car or having to join the queue for the local tip.  Let’s do our bit to make the world a little greener.

A tree is for life. Not just for Christmas…

The Idea

After a conversation with my girlfriend about a sustainable clothing company she uses it got me thinking, what else could we do in our lives to be more sustainable?

I thought about mens clothes, or watches, or campervans but these have all been done. They require large capital, risks and a big start up outlay. None of which I had and none that really ticked the box of being more sustainable.

Later I was day dreaming, thinking about buying a Christmas tree when I get home from work (working away on the Christmas run up is never fun) and I was thinking it will be such a waste if I get called away again at short notice. That’s what got my mind going about all the trees wasted. I remember walking in the park and seeing all the trees waiting to be collected. Hundreds of them. Piled up in every park, dumped on greens and recreation grounds. Such a waste.

So what about if we rented our trees? Each year, rent a tree. Afterwards it goes back to its home field. Gets looked after, trimmed, kept free of disease and it’s green and healthy for another year? That definitely sounds sustainable!

Then what about if you could have the SAME tree another year? Like a family member coming to visit for the festive period?

Each year your kids grow bigger, so does your tree!

That’s when I looked into it properly. The carbon foot print of the holiday season is huge. We know that. By replanting our Christmas trees year after year and saving them from landfill is saves 80 percent of the footprint for that tree. Plus it lives on to reduce Co2 and produce Oxygen!

Sounds like a win win!

A tree really is for life. Not just for Christmas.

Caring for your tree

You’ve chosen your potted Christmas tree, taken it home and now the urge to get it inside and decorate it is almost too much! Take these simple steps and your tree will be kept happy and healthy through the whole festive period.

  1. Let your tree acclimatise. If you’ve got the time and space, your tree would really appreciate a moment to acclimatise. Give it a good watering outside and then leave it in a protected spot for the night. The next day, give your tree a bit of a shake to get rid of any of those loose needles and bring it inside.
  2. Find the perfect spot. Choosing the right place for your tree is very important. The ideal spot will be cool and light but at the very least try to keep it away from radiators and open fires. This will cause excess moisture loss and needle drop.
  3. Keep it watered. As with most houseplants, it’s all about the right amount of water. Too much and you will get root rot, too little and the needles will turn brown and drop off. Always check the container has good drainage and something to catch any excess water in.
  4. Check the soil every day. Even a little tree will have a lot of roots so it is important to check the soil to make sure it is not drying out. Only water when the top inch or so of soil feels dry.

If you’ve kept up with the care of your tree and it’s still looking healthy, strong and green, we would love to take it away for you to our field for replanting. We can’t guarantee every tree will survive but we will do our best to help them!

The Eco Christmas Tree Company would like to thank you for caring for your Christmas tree.

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