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Is a pot grown tree for me?

We love Christmas as much as anyone but we’re passionate about sustainability too. As our trees are living and not meant to be indoors, they do need a bit of extra care over a cut or potted tree. We do ask you to follow the care instructions that come with the tree to help ensure its survival. Click here to read more.

We’re away visiting relatives over Christmas, is this a problem?

Unfortunately, it is. As they are living trees, they need checking on every day to ensure that they survive for many years to come. Trees need water to survive. If you are away, please organise for someone to pop in water your tree but ideally you will be around for the festive period.

What kind of trees do you rent?

We rent Norway Spruce trees. These are the trees you will see in Trafalgar Square and Number 10.  As much as we also love the Fraser Fir, they aren’t as good for pot growing due to the large root ball. Many tree that you see will be ‘potted’ trees rather than pot grown. This means they were grown in the ground, dug up, the root cut down to fit a pot, sadly meaning these are unlikely to survive much longer than traditional ‘cut’ trees.

Can we book a specific delivery slot?

Yes, you can pick your delivery slot at point of purchase. However, due to being a small company with limited resource we are unable to give you an exact time. There will be two time slots given, the AM window is from 8am-1pm, PM is from 2pm-8pm.

Deliveries East of our Portslade hub are:

Wednesday 8th December, Friday 10th December and Sunday 12th December.

Deliveries West of our Portslade hub are:

Thursday 9th December, Saturday 11th December and Monday 13th December.

Where can I collect and drop off from?

Come and pick your own tree from our hub in Portslade on 4th and 5th December. If you wish to visit us, please email at to book the day and a time slot. We will also share our location once confirmed. Payments can be made via cash or card here and if you take your tree away with you on the day, no delivery fees apply. We can also delivery and collect for the small fee stated above of £15.

When will my tree be collected?

Collection will be between 3rd – 8th January, we will contact you nearer the time via email to book your delivery slot.

Can I change my mind on delivery date and time?

Of course, please contact us via the email address giving at least 48 hours’ notice of the change.

What if I’m not happy with my tree?

All our trees have passed our own internal quality control however as our trees are living trees they come in all shapes and sizes. We do not offer a replacement tree if you do not like the shape of your tree, but we will replace it if the tree is damaged or dying in any way, free of charge.

What do I do with the netting?

The netting is there to protect your tree during travel therefore please do not cut or damage the netting. When you come to return the tree, roll your netting up back around the tree. We know the netting is plastic however it is degradable, and we hope to move to plant-based next year.

Do I need a pot?

You will need a pot for your tree or at least a good tray that will catch any excess water. Our fabric pots are perfect for the growth and the health of our trees, but not so good for indoor purposes so we advise you to choose a suitable pot, ready for your delivery. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a partner to collaborate with in time for this year, but we hope to be able to offer sustainable and affordable pots next year. Watch this space!

What is the deposit for and why might I lose it?

If the tree is damaged or dying, the branches cut, broken, or damaged we reserve the right to keep your deposit. Also, if the tree is not available for collection for any reason or goes missing, then we reserve the right to keep your deposit. We advise that you do not leave your tree outside unattended if the location is not secure. For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

When will I get my deposit back? Once the tree is returned to the farm in good condition, we will process the refund. This may take until the end of January although we aim for sooner. Please be patient with us as we are a small company with limited resource.